Salinas cops: Bystanders collect drug-dealing suspect’s discarded dough

As a suspected drug dealer ran from Salinas cops Sunday, he tossed his meth and money aside, police say.

After police arrested the man, they went back to collect the discarded drugs and dough but found that bystanders had already taken most of the money, a news release says.

It all happened about 10:25 a.m. on the 1500 block of Sanborn Road, near Boronda Road.

A Salinas cop was patrolling behind a shopping center and noticed Frank Daniel Gonzalez, 44, and a female sitting in a vehicle and acting suspiciously, police said.

As a second officer arrived, Gonzalez got out of the vehicle and tried to run, according to the release. Officers zapped him with a Taser stun gun.

Gonzalez fell, got up and ran, discarding several grams of methamphetamine and an unknown amount of money as he did, police said.

Police chased him for several blocks before making the arrest.

Officers returned to the path of the chase to retrieve the money and drugs. Residents had picked up most of the money and hadn’t turned it over to police. Officers found more heroin and meth in the vehicle, the release says.

The female passenger was not charged.

Authorities booked Gonzalez at Monterey County Jail on charges of possession/possession for sales of methamphetamine and heroin, violation of parole, resisting arrest and providing a false name to law enforcement.

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